Moon Princess Slot – Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

Moon Princess is an online slot created by Play’n GO that uses an 8X8 grid layout. Wins are formed by matching three or more symbols horizontally or vertically. Features including “left behind wilds”, Trinity and a free-spins round where players can choose one of three options.

Theme And Graphics

Everything about this slot screams anime, from the three impeccably drawn princesses to the upbeat soundtrack. It takes all things bright and fun and meshes them together in a fun slot that will appeal to most gamers.

As is customary with many anime storylines, there is more to each princess than meets the eye, with each one possessing their special power. These girls don’t just look the part, they will also reward you with a whole host of features to help you win big.

Sailor Moon-Inspired

It is no coincidence that each of the princesses bear a resemblance to Sailor Moon, the protagonist of the anime series of the same name. With similar outfits and the same magical powers, it’s evident that Moon Princess has taken much inspiration from the Japanese TV show.

Many players will recognise this reference, especially those who have a soft spot for the Manga and anime themes.

How To Play

A quick guide to get you started:

  1. Load the game and read about the slot features on the opening screen before hitting ‘Continue’
  2. Click into the info selction and select your total bet level, view settings & paytable and read the game rules.
  3. If you like to Autoplay, select your number of spins and your ‘stop’ levels.
  4. Set a session budget you are happy with and stick to it.
  5. Click play and enjoy your session responsibly.

Once you can see your betting options, you should start by changing your bet amount. This can be adjusted using the slider, which allows you to set a minimum of 0.20 and a maximum of 100.00 per spin.

Moon Princess Slot

Moon Princess Paytable

Players must find between 3 and 5 of these symbols sitting either horizontally or vertically to win the prize relating to that particular symbol.  So, it’s not quite a cluster based slot, but it operates in a pretty similar way.

The other symbols to payout are the princesses themselves. Love, Star and Storm all payout 30 coins for 3 of the same, 100 for 4 and 1000 if you find all 5 matching symbols. There is also a wild, which is represented by a full moon with a gold border.

Moon Princess Features

One of the main things you notice as you start to see the symbols change is the actions of the princess standing to the side. This is part of the Girl Power feature, which sees the princesses use their powers to create winning combinations.

This is triggered randomly when there has been no win and therefore it could happen at any time.

Special Powers

The princesses have their powers, with Love transforming one set of symbols into another, Star allowing up to two wilds to appear, and Storm destroying two sets of symbols.

Once one of the princesses has worked their magic, they make way for one of the others, who then takes her place and waits for the right moment to strike with her powers.

Trinity Feature

Another fun feature is the Princess Trinity feature, which involves the golden meter seen in the bottom left corner. This meter must be filled and can only be achieved by landing 3, 4 or 5 princess symbols.

  • The meter will light up in one of the three sections if you find 3 princesses, two sections for 4 princess symbols and the meter will fill if you land 5 princesses on the grid.
  • Once the meter is full, each of the princesses will perform their Girl Power, to try to remove as many of the symbols as possible.
  • If you are left with only wild symbols, these will be removed to clear the grid and give you an amazing winning combination.
  • Each time any of the winning symbols disappears and causes the others to drop, the multiplier will increase. 

Free Spins

Everyone loves a slot with free spins and Moon Princess has plenty. All you need to do is clear the grid of symbols and you will be given one of three options.

  • Choose Love to receive 4 free spins a recharge and +4 free spins
  • Star gives you 5 free spins, a recharge and +3 free spins
  • Storm gifts you 8 free spins, a recharge and +2 free spins.

The fewer free spins you choose, the higher the risk will be, and with the possibility of another 20 free spins, if you fully charge the meter, it’s worth choosing wisely.

Retriggering the Bonus

There is also the chance to win an additional 200 coins if you clear the grid during the free spins round, which means that this feature-packed slot may just land you a hefty payout.

Moon Princess RTP & Volatility

Moon Princess is a high volatility slot with a Return to Player average of 96.5%


With a unique overall look and some fantastic features, Moon Princess is a fun slot which places much of its focus on its feminine stars. The three anime-style princesses are wide-eyed and look impeccable. Whilst they look sweet at first glance, it is only when the features begin to take effect that their true power comes to light. They are strong, powerful and can turn a minimal win into something much, much more.

More Than Meets The Eye

Moon Princess instantly looks interesting, but it is only when you realise the significance of the features that you realise how special this slot is. You certainly won’t be bored with the number of extra features that can pop up at any time, in addition to Girl Power.

Great Multiplier Feature

Moon Princess also offers an impressive multiplier and the chance for additional Girl Power triggers with the use of the meter.

Every time you land a princess symbol, you will fill up sections of the meter and once full, it will trigger the Princess Trinity feature in which the three princesses will, in turn, perform their power to remove symbols from the grid.

Something for Everyone

Although at first glance it may seem a little complex for those who are used to the classic slot games, the Moon Princess rules are easy to pick up. It is all made much easier by the inclusion of fun features which occur relatively regularly.

Most players will be able to find something that they like about this slot, whether it is the cascading grid format or the fact that it is packed with features. Its availability as a free to play slot means that there is no reason that you shouldn’t give Moon Princess a try yourself.

Similar Slots To Moon Princess


There are many similarities with the gameplay, with players encouraged to clear the grid for bonus prizes, but there are more win combos and extra features to be found.

The 7 x 7 grid is larger than that of Moon Princess, but the same vivid imagery is included, which helps make this another one of Play’n Go’s most popular games.

Sugar Pop

Similarly to Moon Princess, there is a meter which can be filled to access further features – Moon Princess gave us multipliers, whilst Sugar Pop allows you to level up and unlock even more special symbols.

There are plenty of features and bonuses on offer for those who like lots to be taking place within the gameplay.


This is another online slot from Play’n GO with a similar format to Moon Princess. It features cascading wins and a huge range of unique bonuses that provide you with the opportunity to land wins in different ways.

Disclaimer: Moon Princess trademark / license is owned by Play N Go. This site is not endorsed by Play N Go.


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